Monday, 03 May 2010

Car so far

Pictures of the car taken on Saturday. I only got round to putting the hadbrake on with a very basic mount for the cables.

Oh and I got the extreme toe in on the front wheels sorted.

Wednesday, 07 May 2008

Oily mess !@#$

In my infinite wisdom I tried to fill the gearbox with oil without checking for any possible hole first. So of course oil started pouring out of the speedo hole.

Last night on Brad's recommendation I blocked it up with a nylon plug, a washer, a circlip and plenty of silicon.

Then the real fun started and we went about putting the engine in. Unfortunately we ran out of time and at 12:30 last night this is as far as we had got.

The gear box is too far forward to get the clutch cover past the bell housing, so we need to take the prop out and temporarily move the gearbox back a tad to get the engine home.

Monday, 05 May 2008

Its been a while

I have finished fitting the Steering, Diff and all number of shafts. The basic wiring layout is done, thanks to Andre it was more like making to minute noodles then wiring up a car.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Skew Rail Explanation

The chassis came welded incorrectly. It was out by 6mm at the gusseted end but because there is a knock on effect to the wishbone by the time you try to fit the upright it is more like ±30mm out. I found a way to make it fit by turning the top wishbone upside down but it was still out by 5mm and caused the wheel to have a bad Toe-out.

In the end the only thing to do was cut and re weld it.


Last Night I reassembled the rear hubs with new seals and grease. They were taken apart because of a problem with the rear bearings being crushed when tightened up to 200nm+. To fix this we had some spacer washers made so that the pressure was on the splined parts of the hub instead of the bearings, this is how it is designed to work on the sierra.

The reason for this problem was the rear uprights from Locost SA had a larger flange in between the bearing cups then the original sierra part. All new uprights bought from Locost SA do not have this problem anymore.

I then put the rear suspension together and test fitted the shocks for good measure.

I have forgotten up till now that the front uprights need to be modified. The lower ball joint hole does not have the correct taper so it will need to be machined.

There is also still a bit of work to be done on the braking system (flexible hoses), then we can have it on its wheels.